CheckinManager - Choose your friends wisely, just like your papa told you.

  • Choose your friends wisely
    Just like your papa told you

    CheckinManager is a strategic social game that puts you in control of your Foursquare buddies. Create your dream team by scouting your friends' Foursquare behaviour. Renew contracts, train, ditch and tackle players. CheckinManager pits you in multiple leagues and tournaments against other managers worldwide.

  • Do you have what it takes
    to play with your friends?

    As a CheckinManager you'll need to know which of your friends will earn you the most points. Make right decisions though; the better your Foursquare-Score, the higher the Value. Practice different strategies, keep an eye on contract lengths and quickly ditch under-performers.

  • Fill your Trophy Room with shiny Silverware
    Diamonds are a girl's best friend

    You'll enter CheckinManager in a lower league. You'll have to climb your way up to the Premier League if you want to be something in the game. Or perhaps just focus on winning Cups in nail-biting Knock-Out Tournaments. Live commentary feeds will spice up your in-match experience.

  • Here's the drama.
    Tackles, Injuries and Suspensions will colour your Game.

    In CheckinManager you might tackle and injure other players. Plan your tackles thoroughly because suspensions are pretty harsh. You'll also will have to keep an eye on your friends recent check-ins for training improvements. Can you figure out which locations are best for training?

  • Take the Challenge
    Be remembered for eternity

    Will you make it to the top? Will you take some shiny trophies home? Will your name be carved in the Leaderboards forever and longer? Make it happen. Play CheckinManager and claim your bragging rights! (Sorry, we don't hand out any badges)

Choose your friends wisely,
Just like your papa told you

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CheckinManager is a strategic social game built on Foursquare. You'll be assigned as Manager of your own team of friends. This allows you to train, transfer or tackle them. By scouting your friends check-in behaviour correctly, you are competing with different Managers worldwide to become champion by playing several competitions and tournaments.
CheckinManager is a Foursquare Football Manager in which your own friends will star as the Ronaldos and the Messis.