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How to play CheckinManager

About CheckinManager?

CheckinManager is a strategic social game built on Foursquare. You will be assigned as Manager of your own team of friends. This allows you to train, transfer or tackle them. By scouting your friends check-in behaviour correctly, you are competing with different Managers worldwide to become champion by playing several leagues and tournaments.
CheckinManager is a Foursquare Football Manager in which your own friends will star as the Ronaldos and the Messis.

How to play the game?

1. Getting Ready

Make sure you have linked your Foursquare account with CheckinManager so we can collect your information and update our game engine. We won't do any fishy things with your info, nor will we share your information with third parties - promise. Once you've connected your account you are now ready to start playing the game.

2. Players & Managers

You play CheckinManager against other Managers. They are people just like you who've connected their own Foursquare account to the game. The players you can select are your own personal Foursquare friends. You cannot select players that are not your friends. You can’t select yourself as a player in your own team. Check the Settings tab if you want to find out how you are doing as a player.

3. Selecting Players & Ditching

You can select up to 5 players that will play for your team. Every player has a value. The total value of your team may not exceed the Value Cap limit of 20. Precisely define your tactics; having 5 average players might be better than selecting 1 high value superstar and 2 really cheap players.
You can select players in your team by scouting your Player Pool and clicking the Select button. The team value & unused potential will be auto-adjusted right away.
On any given time, you can ditch a player out of your team, unless they are suspended.

4. Points & Value

Players can score points for you. These points are related to the amount of check-ins on Foursquare your friends make. A Manager needs these points in a team to win matches. Points can be influenced by training.
The Value is the little number on the picture of a player, this is the cost of that player. You cannot exceed your Value Cap of 20.

5. Matches

From the moment that you’ve selected 2 or more players in your team, we will sign you up for leagues and tournaments. You might have to wait a while before a new game starts. You can also play friendly matches if your wait takes too long. Take a look in your MatchCenter for more details.
A match usually lasts for 5 hours. A match starts between 1am and 6pm and will always end before 11pm. The team with the highest total points at the end of the match wins. If score is level at the end of a game in a tournament, the most recent user wins. (We just think that’s no more than fair.)

6. Tackles, Injuries & Suspensions

You can ask your players to perform tackles on a rival players. A tackle results in a suspension for your own player if it results in an injury for the opponent. Injured and suspended players don’t score any points. Injured players can be substituted, whilst suspended players rest in your team till the ban is over. The length of an injury varies between 6 and 30 hours. The severity of the suspension is based on the length of the injury.

7. Leagues

After selecting a team, you’ll get assigned a spot in the lowest active league. A league consists out of 8 teams. Each team plays each other once, with max 1 match per day. So a league will always last for 7 days.
At the end of the season (Wednesday nights), the champion wins promotion to a higher ranked league. The bottom 2 teams are relegated to a lower league. It's possible that you can win promotion to a higher league without being the league’s champions. This happens when an Inactive Manager in a higher ranked league gets kicked out of the league system. However, you will never relegate if you finish your league 6th or higher.

8. Tournaments

A tournament is an automated knock-out match system where 32 teams compete for 1 cup. You get drafted in a tournament against a random opponent whenever there are 32 teams available to play. If you lose your game, you are knocked out of the tournament. You’ll have to wait for a new draft, after your current tournament has expired.
Exceptionally, you can play a tournament with only 16 teams. This occurs when there are no 32 teams ready to start.

9. Training

You can train your players to score more points. A player can be trained based on their latest Foursquare-checkin. A trained player receives a training bonus. This bonus affects the player’s points. A bonus is either positive or negative and varies in between x0.2 and x2, based on the category of the trained player’s last check-in. Needless to say a check-in at the Fitness Club is better than one at a local Cocktail Bar. Take a close look on your friends Foursquare behaviour!

10. Contracts

Every player receives a contract after selecting them for your team. The duration of the contract is based on the value of the player. A high value player will only sign for a short period of time, while the lower value player will stay with you longer.

11. PlayerPool, CoolDown & Watchlist

The Player Pool is the complete overview of your Foursquare friends and status. Players that are selectable in your team will be shown in green, unavailable are grey. Intensive scouting of your player pool might lead you to discovering hidden gems. After ditching a player from your team, a CoolDown period kicks in. This means you cannot reselect this player in your team for the next hour, but other Managers can. Make sure you know what you are doing, when dropping your star player.
You can add players on your watchlist. In your settings page, you can select which notifications you wish to receive from players on your watchlist. This scouting tool notifies you whenever a player has become available or when something important happens.


Q: Do I need to be active on Foursquare to play this game?

A: No, you don’t. However, you need a Foursquare account and you need a good amount of friends to play CheckinManager. Since you cannot select yourself in your team, you are dependent on the Foursquare activity of your friends.

Q: What is the difference between Value and Points.

A: We use the Value of a player to calculate what this player costs to select him/her for your team. The Points are used to define the Match-scores.

Q: How is the Value of a player calculated?

A: We use a Klout-style formula to calculate player value, which we won’t give out. Try to figure it out: we use foursquare activity, fsq-high score and checkin-count in the mix.

Q: What is the difference between a Friendly, Tournament and League Match?

A: A Friendly match is just to practice the match system and challenge your buddies for a small battle. When you play a Match in a League, you earn 3 points if you win, 1 point if you draw, 0 points if you lose. You play all your league opponents once. At the end you might gain promotion to a higher ranked League or drop to a lower league.
A win in a tournament match results in you progressing to the next round. A loss means you are out of that tournament. You can only play a new tournament when your current one has finished.

Q: When can I play a League or a Tournament?

A: Each night, CheckinManager generates new tournaments out of all available Managers. We create tournaments with 32 Managers (exceptionally 16-Manager-Tournaments, depending on the amount of available Managers). You can only play a tournament if you have a team ready during the drafting process.
New leagues are generated at the end of a season (wednesday night). You'll be automatically drafted in a league.

Q: When does CheckinManager update the scores?

A: Every time you or a friendly Manager logs in to the game, we work some background query-magic and recalculate the scores and values. We also have a dozen of chron-jobs running overnight.

Q: Why is my training bonus negative?

A: Depending on the category of your trained player’s last checkin, we calculate a training bonus on top of the current score. Think healthy and sporty for positive results, the opposite to partying and nightlife.

Q: There’s an error! My team has a Total Team Value higher than 20!

A: Well, that is no error. You actually did a good job scouting. Some of your player’s value has improved and you’ve already selected him/her in your team. As long as the team value stays above 20, you cannot select any more players in your team. Even if you have open spots left.

Q: The game seems slow. How can I speed things up?

A: We are constantly thinking of better ways to speed up the game processes. If you have a lot of Foursquare friends, some actions might take longer to load. We are aware of it and we’ll keep you guys posted on improvements.

Get in touch

Got more questions or remarks? Feel free to drop us a line with your feedback to support@checkinmanager.com