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Total Managers: 299, Total Players: 58279, Total Matches Played: 4199

Manager Records

Highest Team Score
Joos Callens (scoring 1480, Friday Dec 21 at 8am)
Most Cups Won
Tuur Str. (4 cups)
Most Leagues Won
Tuur Str. (2 leagues)
Most Promotions
Tuur Str. (1 promotion)
Most Relegations
Andrew Vassallo (2 relegations)
Most Tackles Performed
Yannick De Pauw (48 tackles)
Most Injuries Overcomed
Yannick De Pauw (34 injuries)
Most Players Trained
Michiel Ginneberge (211 players)
Most Player Selections
Yannick De Pauw (113 players)

Player records

Best Star Player Ever
Bonez Y (1480)
Highest Current Score
Lance (1367)
All-Time Foursquare Highscore
JC? (94083)
#Checkins Last Week
JC? (9554)
Highest Value ever
JC? (136.65)
Number Of Teams Played For
lamazone (12)
Number Of Trainings
Uriah Van de Walle (30)
Most Injuries
Christian McM (17 injuries overcomed)
Most Suspensions
Isabelle Vanhoudt (8 tackles performed)

Roll of honour