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Manager Report Sietoebie

hometown: Eeklo, Belgïe current tournament: Not playing any tournaments right now current league: Not playing any leagues right now Switch view: Sietoebie as a player

team Sietoebie

No team yet.

Upcoming Matches

No upcoming matches scheduled.

Sietoebie's Silverware

Highest team score
525, Monday Dec 17 at 10pm
Biggest Win
522 - 0 against Sven Peeters
Biggest Defeat
227 - 783 against Beau Terham
Cups won
1 cup won
Leagues won
No leagues won yet
No promotions yet
No relegations yet
Overall Win Ratio
20W / 0D / 12L
Tackles Performed
9 tackles
Injuries Overcame
6 injuries
Players Trained
21 players
Star Player
Wim Van de Eynde, scoring 377 points
Player Additions
24 players

Manager Roll of Honour

Legend Kockelbergh II
1/16th final (December 2012)
Diamond Ouedraogo Star
1/8th final (December 2012)
Third Division D
First (December 2012)
Brave Kronowidjojo Prize
Winner (December 2012)
Shining Hakkinen Cup
1/16th final (December 2012)
Diamond Tiger Woods Star
1/16th final (December 2012)
Brave Boudewijn Cup
1/16th final (December 2012)
4th Division West B
Second (December 2012)

Matches in the past week for Sietoebie

Sietoebie didn't play any matches in the past week.