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Manager Report Andres De Vos

hometown: Ottenburg, Belgiƫ current tournament: Not playing any tournaments right now current league: Not playing any leagues right now Switch view: Andres De Vos as a player
Andres De Vos

team Andres De Vos

No team yet.

Upcoming Matches

No upcoming matches scheduled.

Andres' Silverware

Highest team score
473, Sunday Dec 23 at 9pm
Biggest Win
473 - 472 against Geerlinde Pevenage
Biggest Defeat
366 - 679 against Erik S.
Cups won
1 cup won
Leagues won
1 league won
1 promotion
No relegations yet
Overall Win Ratio
33W / 0D / 19L
Tackles Performed
16 tackles
Injuries Overcame
11 injuries
Players Trained
14 players
Star Player
Sophie C., scoring 239 points
Player Additions
20 players

Manager Roll of Honour

Grand testing final
1/4 final (January 2013)
Secunda Liga B
Fourth (January 2013)
Legend Kockelbergh II
Winner (December 2012)
Shining Shumacher Cup
1/16th final (December 2012)
Secunda Liga B
Fourth (December 2012)
Diamond Grevers Trophy
1/16th final (December 2012)
Diamond Tiger Woods Star
1/8th final (December 2012)
Brave Boudewijn Cup
1/16th final (December 2012)
Third Division A
Second (December 2012)
Shining Woods Tourney
1/16th final (December 2012)
Star Koala Shield
1/16th final (December 2012)
Golden Cheetah Prize
1/16th final (December 2012)
Silver Bo Bae Ki Shield
1/4 final (December 2012)
Platinum Phelps Cup
1/16th final (December 2012)
4th Division East B
First (December 2012)

Matches in the past week for Andres

Andres De Vos didn't play any matches in the past week.